Free books! Part 7 of 8: Simmons to Lao Tzu

Here's batch 7 of the mass-market paperbacks that I'm giving away: Dan Simmons through Lao Tzu (who my catalog software lists under T). (For more info on the giveaway books, see previous posts: Abe to Capek, Carr to Delany, Dick, Disch to Heinlein, Heller to Marx, Mason to Silverberg.)

To view a higher-resolution version of the book covers, click the photo.

Here's today's list. A line through a book means it's been claimed.

  • Dan Simmons: Carrion Comfort
  • Suzanne Simmons: Sweetheart, Indiana
  • Clark Ashton Smith: Zothique
  • Cordwainer Smith: The Instrumentality of Mankind
  • Cordwainer Smith: Norstrilia
  • E. E. 'Doc' Smith: The Skylark of Space
  • Norman Spinrad: Agent of Chaos
  • Norman Spinrad: The Iron Dream
  • Norman Spinrad: The Mind Game
  • Norman Spinrad: The Solarians
  • Sean Stewart: Passion Play
  • James Stoddard: The High House
  • William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White: The Elements of Style
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Aliens 4
  • Theodore Sturgeon: E Pluribus Unicorn
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Starshine
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Starshine (copy 2)
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Sturgeon in Orbit
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Sturgeon Is Alive and Well...
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Venus Plus X
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Visions and Venturers
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Visions and Venturers (copy 2)
  • Theodore Sturgeon: A Way Home
  • Theodore Sturgeon: The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon
  • Thomas Burnett Swan: Moondust
  • James Tiptree, Jr.: Star Songs of an Old Primate
  • J. R. R. Tolkien: The Tolkien Reader
  • G. B. Trudeau: We're Not Out of the Woods Yet
  • Lao Tzu and R. B. Blakney: The Way of Life (Tao Te Ching)

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