Free books! Part 8 of 8: van Vogt to X-Men

Here's the final batch of the mass-market paperbacks that I'm giving away: A. E. van Vogt through X-Men. I'm also adding one more book, out of sequence: Terry Carr's New Worlds of Fantasy #3. (For more info on the giveaway books, see previous posts: Abe to Capek, Carr to Delany, Dick, Disch to Heinlein, Heller to Marx, Mason to Silverberg, Simmons to Lao Tzu.)

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks will follow in a separate list sometime soonish, but probably not until next week.

To view a higher-resolution version of the book covers, click the photo.

Here's today's list. A line through a book means it's been claimed.

  • A. E. van Vogt: Computer Eye
  • A. E. van Vogt: Future Glitter
  • A. E. van Vogt: Lost: Fifty Suns
  • A. E. van Vogt: Mission: Interplanetary
  • A. E. van Vogt: Null-A Three
  • A. E. van Vogt: Pendulum
  • A. E. van Vogt: The Silkie
  • A. E. van Vogt: Supermind (not pictured)
  • A. E. van Vogt: The Voyage of the Space Beagle
  • Susan Vreeland: Girl in Hyacinth Blue
  • Howard Waldrop: Night of the Cooters
  • Alan Watts: Psychotherapy East and West
  • Michelle M. Welch: Confidence Game
  • Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea: Leviathan
  • Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea: Leviathan (copy 2)
  • Robert Anton Wilson: Masks of the Illuminati
  • Robin Scott Wilson: Clarion III
  • Gene Wolfe: Castleview
  • Donald A Wollheim: 1972 Annual World's Best SF
  • Keith Woodcott: The Martian Sphinx
  • X-Men: The X-Men: Second Genesis
  • Terry Carr, ed.: New Worlds of Fantasy #3

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