FBI file, continued

It's always a little disconcerting to get an envelope from the FBI.

But in this case, it was another set of documents about my father, in response to the FOIA request I made in late 2012. This time, the information is from the FCC.

It turns out that the FBI was concerned when Peter obtained his ham radio operator license, so they kept tabs on that. In particular, they noticed that later, he didn't renew his license. ~Deeply suspicious behavior.~

Sadly, there's nothing much else in this release. A total of twelve pages, about half of which are about Rigsbee, the soldier-of-fortune who they thought was Peter. Nothing new except for the amateur-radio stuff.

Still, I'm kind of pleased that the wheels of bureaucracy are still turning on this; it makes me think more documents might forthcome at some future time.

For those who missed it, here are the earlier installments in the story:

  1. Original release in 2013, featuring the Rigsbee story and the story of my birth as perceived by the FBI.
  2. Followup from a year later: Mitchell & Martin's defection, and redactions.

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