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Family letters: 1980

Here are five letters and cards from 1980, the last year of Marcy’s life, plus a couple of non-letter items. January 7, 1980 General life update from Peter. “we now have [a] really nice [housemate]: Ed, who’s an ex-Alaskan ex-helicopter mechanic, now going to massage school & Stanford pre-medical classes” February 14, 1980 A valentine […]

Family letters: 1979

We only wrote four letters to George and Helen in 1979, and one of those is one that I already posted: the one that I had labeled as late 1978 turns out to have really been late 1979. This project has continued to be stressful for me. One of the early-1979 letters includes the first […]

Family letters: 1978

And all of the 1978 letters, which is everything that I’ve posted so far. This batch includes our move to Palo Alto! May 31, 1978 Marcy writes on a bunch of different topics, including how Jay and Jed are doing, car troubles, considering moving, Proposition 13, Peter’s job, Marcy’s illness, the impending birth of a […]

Family letters: 1977

And here are all of the 1977 letters: February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jay for some birthday presents. Also February 22, 1977 A brief thank-you note from Jed for some birthday presents. (My first letter written in cursive!) March 22, 1977 Notes from Peter and Marcy in anticipation of George and Helen […]

Family letters: October–December 1976

I’ve fallen way behind again on linking from here to old family letters. Here are the letters from the rest of 1976: October 12, 1976 A brief update from Marcy. “hoping you’re all survived from your multitudinous surgeries, Grandpa, and thoroughly enjoying your leisure.” October 27, 1976 A postcard from Peter, wishing George and Helen […]

Family letters: June–July 1976

Here are the rest of the letters exchanged during the six weeks of Jay’s and my one-month visit to see George and Helen and aunts and uncles and cousins in June and July 1976. June 29, 1976 Helen tells Peter and Marcy how Jed and Jay’s visit is going. “[George] is most impressed with these […]

Family letters: February–June 1976

And here are the 1976 letters so far. The below are mostly life-update kinds of things, but the last one is all about how to take care of Jay and me during our visit; it’s the start of a several-letter series during our month-long visit. February 14, 1976 General updates from Marcy. “Here I sit […]

Family letters: November 1974–September 1975

And now I’ve fallen even further behind in posting links to family-history letters. Here’s a catchup post through the end of 1975; I’ll do another one for 1976-so-far. Things included below: Some art, assorted life updates, a major change to the foster home, two more moves, and the first letter written by Jay. Specifically: November […]

Family letters: August–November 1974

I’ve fallen a couple of weeks behind in posting links to family-history letters. So here’s a catchup post. Things I’ve posted in the past couple weeks include a set of daily what-I’m-grateful-for lists from Marcy, a recipe, some pages from my childhood journal (which I used mostly for practicing writing words), a couple of notes […]

Family letters: May–August 1974

This week in my family history project: A letter from Peter preparing for a visit from his parents; a placeholder postcard from Marcy; a note from me to say that two of the foster kids had bullied me once; and a pair of letters from Marcy giving updates on all sorts of topics—the foster kids, […]

Family letters: April–May 1974

This week in my family history project: Three brief notes from me, hand-written in large shaky block capitals. Also a long letter from Peter that consists largely of an extended quote from the I Ching. April, 1974 In which I (having just turned 6) like Star Trek, and I have four foster brothers. Also: “I […]

Family letters: February–March 1974

This week in my family history project: Life updates, birthdays, and plans for George and Helen to come visit us. February 13, 1974 Marcy discusses arrangements for George and Helen to visit at Easter. “There will be plenty of room for you to stay here no matter how many kids we we have, as they […]