House dreams

I woke up and wondered why it had never occurred to me before that my bedroom has a largish hole in the ceiling, and then I realized it doesn't and I was dreaming, so I woke up and chatted with Kam and her Chinese relatives and tried to take notes on their family tree but then I woke up and wondered why the door between my room and the hallway was ajar, and the layout of the rooms didn't seem quite right, but then I woke up and remembered that my room's ceiling really is open to the sky, which seemed like it could result in various problems, but then I woke up and got up to go to the bathroom but the room layout was still weird, and then I woke up...and so on.

Reasonably sure I'm now awake for real; in all of those dreams, the floor of my room was uncluttered, which now I know is a sure sign I'm dreaming.

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