So I've been halfheartedly reading/skimming all this old science fiction, and I started in on Raymond J. Healy's 1951 anthology New Tales of Space and Time, not expecting much even though it was one of the first original (as opposed to reprint) anthologies, and then I got to a story called "Bettyann," by Kris Neville, and I suddenly sat up and started paying attention because it reads like literary fiction and the protagonist is a girl. (Neither of those things is totally unheard-of for sf of that period, but both are pretty rare.)

Turned out to be a really good story. Unfortunately, there are ten pages missing from the middle of my copy; I'll have to find another copy. (Half of the missing pages are in a Google Books preview, but I still missed about five pages.)

I don't think I had ever heard of Neville before. According to Wikipedia, he appears to have given up on sf fairly quickly. I hope to read more of his work; some of his books are available via Project Gutenberg.

Anyone happen to know who one might contact regarding his literary estate, specifically reprint rights?

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