More dreams

Dreamed I was watching an amazing sunset, with impressionistic splotches of fiery purple and sullen bruise-like maroon and bright crimson scattered across the sky. On the one hand, was a little sad when I woke up, to realize that it hadn't been real; on the other hand, it was probably just as well, as it looked kind of apocalyptic.

Was awake for a while, but then fell back asleep (I've been really sleepy the past few days, not sure why, possibly just long accumulation of sleep debt) and had a long nice dream in which I was a teenager and hanging out with my family (though I think my father was the only real person in the dream; the other dream-family members weren't people who exist in real life), and my father made a remark about his having decided to keep careful track of his finances (something he never did in real life), and I decided to put up bookcases in my bedroom, and I made significant progress on cleaning the floor of my room. So when I woke up from that, I was disappointed not only because it had been a nice soothing sort of dream but also because in real life I haven't actually made any progress on cleaning the floor of my room.

“[T]hat's the trouble with becoming fully awake: a glory passes.” —James Thurber, “Unfamiliar Misquotations”

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