Dream: Mega-mall plus crumbling ancient ruins

Dreamed I was hosting a social event but decided, an hour before it was scheduled to start, to briefly stop by the nearby restaurant run by my neighbors (who do not exist in waking life), so I walked over there (about a ten-minute walk, in roughly the same position relative to my house that downtown Mountain View is when I'm awake) and then had my usual difficulties getting Google Maps to show me the way home from the gigantic mall/crumbling ancient ruins site where the restaurant was located. (The app would show me a detailed map of the site, but if I zoomed out, it wouldn't show me the intermediately-detailed view that I needed in order to find my way to the street that would take me home.)

After avoiding being crushed by a falling eighty-foot-tall stone column, I eventually figured out that the soaring road in the near distance was not actually Highway 101, and that I was therefore going in the wrong direction. So I turned around, and found my way home, and ended up 45 minutes late to my own event, but people seemed to have a good time anyway.

(There was a lot more going on in the dream, but that's the part that seemed interesting enough to recount.)

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