Foggy con

I'm at FOGcon, but boy am I not in con headspace.

This morning I woke up a couple hours later than intended. Worked from home, and got a fair bit of day-job work done, but didn't finish the project I had been hoping to finish every day this week. (I've done a revision pass on something like 80 pages of our style guide in the past two weeks, but I saved the hardest ones for last, so I'm at the point where each page takes longer than the previous one. I think I now have four left to go.)

And so I didn't start getting ready to leave for the con until around 6:30 pm. And what with showering and getting dressed and having dinner and making reservations for an Oak Park hotel in May and figuring out what games to bring and doing Little Free Library curation and looking at Facebook and playing Mini Metro and eating some chocolate and so on and so on, I didn't leave home until about 9:15 pm.

Was figuring I could spend the 45-minute drive relaxing and shifting gears into being ready for the con, but instead I spent it trying to find some music to listen to, because nothing in my randomized music list was at all what I was in the mood for. I tried switching to radio, but that was worse. I think I must still have some residual mullygrubs going on. (In retrospect, I probably should have gone outside at some point during the day to acquire a sunlight-fueled mood boost.) I also spent some time composing grumpy rebuttals in my head to things various people have posted online lately, which is never a good idea.

At the hotel, they seem to have put me in the Executive Suite, although when I made the reservation they said it was at the regular con room rate. It's an impressively big room that's literally next door to one of the conference rooms (I can get into the conference room without even going into the hallway), and it has a large sectional sofa and bare modern-ish decor, and given how much space there is, I sorta feel like I ought to have a party or something. It's also got annoyingly cold-hued lights, probably compact fluorescents, and I spent a good ten minutes just trying to find the light switches; apparently in an executive suite, one is supposed to know the subtle places where light switches are hidden. I suddenly have more sympathy for those new-to-the-White-House people who allegedly had trouble turning on the lights.

At some point I'll probably put together enough social energy to stop by Eric & Beth's party, and maybe even enough to wander down to the lobby. But more likely after stopping by the party I'll hang out in my room and try to finish preparing for the panel on editing that I'm moderating in the morning, which is one of the time-sensitive items that I was planning to get done earlier in the week but didn't manage. This convention really snuck up on me.

But despite my current moodiness, I imagine I'll have a fine time. Panel tomorrow morning, will be in the game room helping people learn RPGs in the afternoon, have no specific other plans for the weekend. I'm sad that Mary Anne isn't here, but there are plenty of other folks I know and like here.

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