New wallet

In April 2014, I bought a nice cloth wallet at C2E2 in Chicago, from Geeks with Scissors. (I had been wanting to shift away from leather for some time, but that's another story.)

I liked the wallet a lot, but it gradually wore out. A couple months ago, I rediscovered Geeks with Scissors on Etsy; they no longer had the fabric they had used for my previous wallet, but they said they could make one with art of my choosing. So I found a nice public-domain image of an old map of the world (1689, Dutch), and sent it to them.

And the wallet they made me showed up in the mail a couple days ago. I quite like it, though I feel like the colors may have shifted a little from the original image. (But I haven't directly compared them.)

Their Etsy is shop is currently on hiatus as they do some reorganizing, but I figured it couldn't hurt to link to it while I'm thinking of it. Nice people (though sometimes a little slow to respond, but then so am I), good-quality work.

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