How is it only Wednesday?

Two weeks ago, I spent three days in Santa Fe and then was home sick for a while. Got no day-job work done that week, and not a lot else after I got sick; mostly lay in bed reading, getting up now and then for soup or orange juice.

That weekend, I thought the cold was pretty much over, so I helped arrange for some dogs I know and like to meet each other. Unfortunately, they turned out to not be terribly interested in playing together. Oh, well.

Then the cold got worse again. Monday through Wednesday of last week, I had three days in a row of all-day meetings/mini-conference things going on at work, which I attended remotely because I was still sick. Also missed my niece’s birthday. :( I finally went in to work on Thursday, when I had several more meetings, including meeting with my new manager. (I officially switched groups on Wednesday, I think.) Which went well, although it turned out that his manager and I have apparently slipped out of sync about what I’m supposed to be working on, which is a little worrisome. But I think we’ll work it out.

This last Sunday, I went up to Alameda to see Kam. We didn’t make it to the Oakland Maker Faire, but we did see the previous week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Which I’m liking a lot. We also briefly visited Beth and Catie and their kids

My cold was more or less gone by then, but I was still a little congested, which continued on into the week. This week at work, representatives from a company that makes a software tool we use are visiting, so we’re having many meetings about that tool. Which is great, but it takes up a lot of my days. And this is also the first week that I’m invited to all the meetings for the new division I’m now in, and there’ve been some rescheduled meetings from last week, and a refresher class on management, and my cousin coming to see my workplace.

By this morning, I felt like I had already had a full week of work since the weekend, even though most of what I’d done for the previous two days was sit in meetings.

Tomorrow, I have meetings literally all day from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except for a 1-hour gap from 4 to 5. From 11 to 3, there are at least two and sometimes three meetings that I’d like to be at at any given time.

Friday I’ve got only one work meeting, and that one’s optional. Whew. (And then in the afternoon I’ve got a therapist appointment.)

I think most of this is just a fluke—the majority of my meetings this week are one-time things. But it feels like a lot, and it’s hard to get any real work done in between the meetings. At least I seem to be completely over the cold now.

This coming weekend: a quick trip to Seattle for family-history-project purposes. Next week: only half a dozen meetings, but then another trip to Seattle, for a wedding. And then suddenly we’re in November.

I had hoped/planned to make it to Boston in October or November, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. :( Maybe I’ll try to make plans to do that in the spring.

Meanwhile, in spare time at home, I’ve been reading a lot, and watching some movies, and reviewing stuff for my forthcoming website redesign, and labeling photos, and intermittently doing Duolingo lessons, and listening to Guys and Dolls and In the Heights, and trying to make progress on several projects, including some time-sensitive ones.

And sleeping. Speaking of which, I should go do that.

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