Dream response

Dreamed that I received a response, via USPS, to a story I had submitted to a magazine.

The response took the form of an International Reply Coupon stapled to a small plastic bag. Inside the bag were two small wooden tokens, butterflies I think, and a brief note from Charlie Jane Anders (who hadn’t, I thought, been the editor of the magazine I had submitted to). The note said something like this:

I’m not going to tell you whether this is an acceptance or rejection. Hold onto these. When the right time comes, they’ll help you understand something, and then you’ll know what this response means.

4 Responses to “Dream response”

  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    That’s amazing! I love it.

  2. KTO

    Shades of Lōtus.

    • Jed

      Yeah, the butterfly tokens were very much along the lines of the Lōtus insect tokens; I suspect that’s where my subconscious got them.

  3. KTO

    …which I now want to tie in with Locus.


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