FOGcon folks: bring things for the petting zoo!

FOGcon attendees:

Saturday morning in the game room, from 10:30 to 11:45, I’ll be hosting a “gadget and device petting zoo.” I’ll bring a bunch of cool and fun toys and devices to let people try out, but it doesn’t have to be just my stuff; if you have things you think other people would like to try or play with, bring them along!

Here’s the writeup:

Bring your nifty gadgets and devices, your gewgaws and gizmos, your stuffies and robots, anything that you want to let people play with. Come try out the latest smartphone, a Bluetooth keyboard that looks like an old typewriter, some very satisfying-feeling faux-stone toy building blocks, a portal gun, assorted fidget spinners, and more.

I hosted a similar event at the WisCon Gathering last year, and it went pretty well. I found that visitors ignored the books and graphic novels I brought, and didn’t pay any attention to the ceramic knife, but they loved the fidget spinners and the Qwerkywriter keyboard and various other things.

I view the event as partly a way to let people play with fun stuff, and partly a way to let people try things out in person that they might’ve seen pictures of but might have been uncertain about.

Note that there’s a chance that anything you bring will get broken or lost, so don’t bring anything irreplaceable.

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