My Worldcon schedule

I’ll be attending Worldcon in San José this coming weekend.

My only specifically scheduled plan is to attend the Hugo ceremony on Sunday evening. Other than that, I’ll be wandering around, attending panels, maybe attending some parts of the WSFS Business Meetings (though probably not the whole thing this time), hanging out with friends, etc. May stop by the costume contest and/or filking at some point. Will probably attend various readings.

(Note to new attendees: That event on Saturday night that’s called the Masquerade? It’s a costume contest, where people in costume go out on stage. Often worth attending, but despite the name, it’s not anything remotely resembling a fancy-dress dance.)

Re the usual everyone-hangs-out-at-the-bar approach to socializing: I’ll try wearing my fancy new audio-enhancing-and-quieting headphones to see whether they make the bar bearable/audible for me, but I suspect they won’t help enough, so alas, I probably won’t be hanging out in the bar much. But definitely want to see folks, and I expect that spending at least a little time in the bar will be the best way to do that.

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