I keep seeing articles suggesting that it’s universally understood that Star Trek: Discovery wasn’t very good in the first season, and/or that it’s generally disliked by fans. Which makes me sad, because I loved the first season (and am continuing to love the second season so far). It continues to be my favorite Trek series by quite a bit—I’ve been describing it as being more or less what I always wanted Star Trek to be. (I’ve been watching Trek since I was a kid, and I consider myself to be a fan, but I’ve always found it a little frustrating in various ways, even in the series that my friends love.)

Not to say that there aren’t things I dislike about the show. (I could do without Harry Mudd, for example.) And I share everyone’s concerns about the continuity-disconnects on various levels between this series and TOS. And I agree that they’ve made some missteps around the handling of Klingons. But for the most part, I love the characters (and the racial and gender diversity of them), I love the actors, I love the writing, I love the plot twists, I love the production design, and I love the handling of Federation morality.

Certainly not saying that people who dislike the show should change their minds. But I love it, and I’m glad that it’s doing well enough that CBS seems to consider it a success.

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