Weekend nesting

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been irritable and touchy. I don’t know whether it has anything to do with the impending anniversary of my father’s death (three weeks from now); usually my lack of coping around this time of year doesn’t start until closer to the anniversary. It’s possible that the Lexapro is getting less effective. It’s possible that I don’t do so well with extended periods of no sunshine. But regardless, I think that having some social downtime will be good for me.

I ordered a bunch of Chinese food for dinner tonight—intentionally got enough to last me a couple days. Don’t think there’s anything I need to leave the house for until Tuesday. I’ve got books to read (the one I’m furthest along in is deeply unpleasant, but I’m barely skimming it at this point, so I’ll get it out of the way soon and can move on to others I like better), TV and movies to watch (not loving the series I’m halfway through, but only a couple more hours left in that season), photos to label (if I focus this weekend, I might be able to finish labeling the 500+ photos from Mary Anne and Kevin’s anniversary party), day-job stuff to do (am way behind on all sorts of things, hoping to make some progress on some of them), Writing the Other/Worldbuilding class stuff to catch up on, general house cleanup to work on, etc. Lots to keep me busy.

Oh, and a Constellation Press project’s contract has been resolved, so I hope to make some progress on that too. Not ready to announce it yet, but soon, I hope.

I’ve been trying to keep my Facebook time limited, with mixed success. When I’m feeling restless and unfocused, it’s easy to stop by there, but I think I’ll be better off if I can stay mostly away this weekend. But I may not manage that, and even if I do, I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

No advice, please.

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