Pair longevity

Achievement unlocked: When I gave my billing account number to Pair tech support this morning, the support person said they hadn’t known there were account numbers that low. :)

Pair has been hosting my website since July 1996. I was going to say that’s the longest-duration business relationship I have with any company, but then I remembered that I’ve been getting my hair cut at the same haircut place since 1991. :)

But I guess the haircut thing is not so much a “business relationship” as being a customer. (And I’ve been, for example, an Apple customer for longer than that.) But then, I’m also a Pair customer. So I’m not sure where the line is between those things, or whether I’m making a distinction that doesn’t make sense.

Oh, and maybe I’ve been with my credit union since before 1996? Not sure.

…Also occurs to me that it’s possible that I’ve been with Pair since before some of their current employees were born. If that’s not true now, I imagine it will be in a couple years.

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