So far this week, I’ve received (among other things), in no particular order:

  • Good news about my uncle’s bypass surgery.
  • Several time-sensitive emails that I need to respond to.
  • In the mail: four Hanayama puzzles: Loop, Delta, Square, and News.
  • A ride home from the airport, from Kam.
  • In the mail: two Rubik’s-style twisty puzzles: Leaf Cube and Pentacle Cube.
  • Many fruit flies and ants, in my house.
  • A golden crown. (For a tooth.)
  • The rounds-teaching recordings that we made last week. (More on that anon.)
  • An error message from Universal Music’s website, saying it couldn’t process my licensing request for a round that we haven’t yet recorded.
  • Two notes from American Airlines, saying that they haven’t yet found my grandmother’s diary but are still looking for it.
  • In the mail: a very pretty new minimalist wallet made of wood, the Radix Element wallet.

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