Productive but anxious weekend

This weekend, I started off with a goal of dealing with at least three of the four or so highest-priority anxiety-inducing things I was avoiding dealing with.

I ended up dealing with only two of them. (And not dealing with the most important one, a day-job thing that’s now very late and that I really need to focus on today.) But I also made significant progress on three time-sensitive projects. Overall, a reasonably satisfying outcome.

I think there were three main factors that helped me reach that outcome:

  • I increased my Lexapro dose. I’ve been on 10mg a day for quite a while; last time I saw my therapist, I mentioned some increased anxiety and they asked if I wanted to increase to 20mg, but I said no. But I tried 15mg on Saturday and Sunday and it seemed to help; I felt a lot less stressed about the things I had been avoiding, though still avoidant.
  • Both Saturday and Sunday, KTO and I spent quite a while doing sort of virtual coworking—a voice call, but with not much talking, and both of us working on separate things, like meeting at a cafe to write. We called it Anxious Productivity Club.
  • I stayed mostly off Facebook.

…I also got a couple of other to-do-list items done in the procrastinatory interstices: finished shifting some bookshelves around, filled out the form to register for carpool-lane stickers for my Tesla, went back to Duolingo after many months away, checked on Hamilton dates in San Francisco (it’s running until at least January! Lots of tickets still available for performances later in the run!), etc. So, a pretty productive weekend.

Also managed to not leave the house the entire weekend, except briefly late last night to fetch mail and look at my car’s registration card. Good introvert downtime.

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  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    Congrats! Happy for your momentum and achievements.


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