Stuff I did yesterday

Here are today’s assorted minor news and notes from me. (Written and posted on Facebook on Monday, 4 May; posted here in my blog on Tuesday, 5 May.)

  • I mowed my front lawn for the first time in, oh, 9 or 10 years, I think. (I usually pay gardeners to do that once a week, but I’m currently paying them to not show up.) (Yes, I know that lawns are not great, and sooner or later I’ll probably replace mine, but I haven’t done it yet.) My old lightweight manual mower wasn’t (ahem) cutting it (I might need to get the blades sharpened), so I used the electric mower (don’t think I had ever used that before), which worked nicely after I found the battery charger.
  • Received various items in the mail: a mask that Mary Anne made for me, and a couple of book-reading aids that I’ll post about sometime soonish. Also the Sally Ride stamps and First Moon Landing stamps that I had ordered from USPS a week or two ago.
  • Did a couple of long-delayed day-job tasks, and a couple of not-delayed but time-sensitive ones.
  • Read a couple of stories in a book I’m reading.
  • Labeled a few photos.
  • Continued to be sleepier than usual; pretty sure I fell asleep once or twice at various times during the day.
  • Updated my voter registration.
  • Had a couple of phone calls.
  • Got pleasing news about a friend’s college plans.
  • Decided that it was finally time for me to get a sewing machine and learn to sew. Then spent a while discovering that apparently everyone else in America is doing the same. All of the best-for-beginners models that were recommended by three different prominent sites turned out to be sold out everywhere, and the Singer website says that they’re totally swamped with orders and having a hard time keeping up. Oh, well, I’ll wait a bit and try again.
  • Did my best to avoid doing a particular long-overdue non-work task, but I think that I may have temporarily run out of things that I can do to avoid that this evening, so I may have to go work on that. :) After that, will try to get to sleep early for once.

Edited the next day to add two things I forgot to mention:

  • Found two bagels in my fridge. I thought that I had eaten the last of the bagels a couple days ago, but I apparently forgot about these two.
  • Made some more melted-chocolate-with-cream stuff; more on that in another post.

(No advice, please.)

2 Responses to “Stuff I did yesterday”

  1. Mya

    fyi: Unless your HOA has changed their bylaws, you aren’t allowed to replace your lawn. The bylaws specifically require a certain amount of lawn and they shot down a design I submitted that took out too much of it.

    (I will note that one of the people who was at that time a member of the board has a yard that essentially has no lawn, it’s very nice garden beds, but my questioning why you couldn’t have something similar to this got no direct answers. I was… not impressed.)

    • Jed

      Yeah, the HOA changed the rules when the latest CA drought got bad; a couple of houses in the neighborhood now have low-water-use front-yard landscaping.


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