Family letters: Spring 1972

This week in my family history project: three letters from my mother and one probably dictated by me. Mostly written in spring 1972.

March 7, 1971
A birthday note to George.
“a friend says my handwriting is quite pretty—too bad she can’t read it”
I had thought that this one was from 1972, which is why I didn’t post it until today; but on closer examination, I’m pretty sure it’s 1971.
March 13, 1972
Another birthday letter to George, this one really from 1972.
“my goodness, you Hartmans can be wierd, sometimes.”
April 10, 1972
A one-page letter from Marcy and a one-page letter apparently dictated by me, both in the same envelope.
Marcy tells George and Helen about Peter’s suddenly dire academic situation (this was the time when Peter was told that he couldn’t graduate because he was missing a couple of required 1st-year English classes), and I tell them about my Play-Doh coin press.
“I have a play-doh game. It’s about the play-doh getting squeezed out and it will make a king and a queen.”

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