Family letters: May–August 1974

This week in my family history project:

A letter from Peter preparing for a visit from his parents; a placeholder postcard from Marcy; a note from me to say that two of the foster kids had bullied me once; and a pair of letters from Marcy giving updates on all sorts of topics—the foster kids, the garden, bicycling, vacations, etc.

May 26, 1974
Peter makes plans for a visit from George and Helen.
“Our delight was boundless when we learned that you could get away for a week to come & visit us.”
July 11, 1974
A placeholder postcard saying that a letter is coming soon.
July 12, 1974
A note to let George and Helen know that two of the foster kids had bullied me once.
August 16, 1974
General life updates from Marcy, on a fairly wide variety of topics.
“How I would love to be typing this[,] so you could read it as well as having it—but ya can’t have everything, I guess.”

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