Excellent can opener

KTO recently gave me a nifty kitchen device: a Bartelli soft-edge ambidextrous can opener.

Instead of cutting through the top of the lid of the can, it cuts through the side edge of the lid of the can. It has some advantages over traditional can openers:

  • You don’t have to squeeze it to puncture the lid.
  • The resulting removed lid doesn’t have sharp edges.
  • The removed lid can be placed loosely back on top of the can and can thus continue to act as a lid. (Though it looks enough like a sealed can that you have to be careful to remember that it’s no longer attached.)
  • The can opener blade doesn’t enter the inside of the can, so it doesn’t get any of the contents of the can on it.

I had seen these can openers, and their results, before, but I was always skeptical about them. But my skepticism was for no good reason; I think I was having a sort of “if this is so great, then why doesn’t everyone use it?” kind of reaction. But having now used it myself, I kinda do think it’s just better than a traditional can opener. I haven’t used it enough to be sure, but I don’t think there any scenarios in which I would prefer a traditional can opener.

I usually prefer not to link to Amazon, but I’m not finding a better place to link for this item, so here’s the Bartelli can opener on Amazon.

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