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Sorry, but ChatGPT doesn’t love your book

A month ago, File 770 carried an item in which an author said that he had asked ChatGPT for a blurb for his book. He seemed to be delighted that ChatGPT had not only read his book, but loved it; ChatGPT called it a “captivating narrative.” The author continued: Could [ChatGPT] have reached into my […]

Some lawsuits over generative AI

Here are some links and notes about copyright lawsuits being filed against OpenAI and Meta and Google and Microsoft because of their generative AI systems’ probable use of various kinds of training data. Links first: “Microsoft, its subsidiary GitHub, and its business partner OpenAI have been targeted in a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that […]

How spam has trained me

For the last couple decades, one common aspect of a lot of spam has been nonstandard use of English. For example, when I get email that claims to be from a major American corporation, but it’s full of nonstandard grammar and spelling, that’s a signal that the email is very unlikely to really be from […]