Examples from the VRML 2.0 Handbook

This set of pages shows the example 3D models from The VRML 2.0 Handbook, by Jed Hartman and Josie Wernecke. VRML is the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, a 3D graphics format and language. For more info, see my main VRML page.

A page with downloadable copies of the examples was created in 1996. I (Jed) updated that page, moved its contents into WordPress, and added viewers for the models in 2023.

I think that most or all of these models were created by Delle Maxwell. A few of them may have been created by me and/or Josie.

(Delle also created the full city-of-Tenochtitlan model that was on the book’s companion website, but that model is no longer publicly available as far as I know.)

The files here include some extra material that isn’t shown in the examples in the book, such as NavigationInfo and WorldInfo nodes, but they are substantially the same as the examples in the book.

The copyright for these models probably belongs to Computer Associates, but I doubt that they even have any record of this material.

I divided the examples up into separate pages because the X_ITE embedded VRML viewer seems to have trouble showing more than about 10 different models in the same page.