Latest spam subject lines

My favorite spam subject lines of the day:


the social networking site no one else knows about

Now I want to generalize that to a sort of a game: take a positive attribute that one might use to praise one thing, come up with a different thing that turns that attribute negative. "shimmering vermilion milk," say, or "waterproof breakfast cereal."

Anyway, the other spam subject line of the day, in a totally different vein:

Women will be your resigned slaves

Somehow I think "resigned" isn't really the word they had in mind, but I'm amused by the image. I'm thinking of a harem full of women sitting around, bored, rolling their eyes at every command given them by the hapless slave master. "~Yes, 'master'~," they say sarcastically. "I suppose I'll wash your feet. If I must. Sigh."

The interior of that one was funny, too:

Your woman will be shocked by your fang's astonishing progress.

Go, fang!

One Response to “Latest spam subject lines”

  1. Johnny

    Whoops. Sorry about that.

    I found your site because I just got that “resigned slave” spam and I had to Google it to see if anyone else was talking about it. I love your take on it.

    My immediate interpretation of “resigned” was a little different from yours, but it’s been cracking me up all day: thanks to this pill, my “fang” would grow so big that women would be helpless to resist it, and they would have to resign themselves to being in a dead end relationship with a hopeless libertine merely because they can’t say no to the width and girth that I would provide. Then, after I satisfy them and leave, they’d lie alone in their darkened beds and sigh, promising themselves that next time they’ll be strong and not let me visit, but knowing in their hearts they will always be a slave to my manhood…


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