Best spam subject lines of late

As noted in my main blog, I've been clearing out my spam mailbox lately.

Here are some of my favorite subject lines from spam messages I've seen recently. I'm especially amused by some of the creative euphemisms that spammers come up with for "penis," but I've mostly left those out of this entry, except for a couple I particularly liked.

  • You can't rent a big friend in your underwear but you can gain it forever.
  • Barak Obama is a woman!
  • Weeding invite [I'm pretty sure this was meant to say "Wedding invite," but I like the idea of sending out weeding invites.]
  • Obama Proposes Trade of AIG Executives in Primitive Swaps
  • Maybe Spam I am missing you [OR MAYBE NOT!]
  • Smoking ruins! And if you desire to stay alive,ask us for our help. [Now I see that this is meant to be an anti-smoking ad, but on first reading I thought "ruins" was a noun.]
  • No Jail Time For Man Arrested In Capptain America Costume
  • Empower your pollinator
  • Terrorists used cats! Iraq

One Response to “Best spam subject lines of late”

  1. Dan P

    Now I know why none of my friends ever show up to my weeding parties…


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