Texas city

Eyebrow-raising headline:

BP plans to sell Texas city, California plants

I knew BP was powerful, but do they really own an entire city in Texas?

The first line of the story doesn't help much:

British oil giant BP Plc intends to sell its giant Texas city sprawling 1,200-acre plant [...]

But later in the story, a United Steelworkers executive is quoted as saying “BP had a terrible reputation in Texas City,” which reveals the answer to the mystery: there's a city in Texas called Texas City. So the writers just failed to capitalize the C in City in both the headline and the story, and then wrote a sloppy opening sentence.

Still, I was amused. And even with the correction, it would have taken me a moment to figure out that the headline meant it was selling its Texas City plant, rather than the city itself.

(I also had a moment of wondering whether “California plants” was a euphemism for a certain herb often associated with some parts of California, but I think that was due to my being sleepy rather than anything wrong with the headline.)

. . . I should note that it's possible that some of the odd-seeming-to-me phrasing is due to this article being from an Indian publication; I know that Indian English doesn't always match American English phrasings. But I don't think that the uncapitalized C is an Indian English thing; I think it's just sloppy editing.

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