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Facebook notifications often show an abbreviated version of some of the text that they’re about. In particular, notifications about shared links show an abbreviated version of the linked-to piece’s headline/title, with an ellipsis at the end. Which sometimes makes me want to complete the truncated title. Which can have entertaining results. I’ve been meaning for […]

Carrying cocaine

NBC News headline: Dramatic video shows Coast Guard leaping onto submarine carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine I honestly wondered for a moment why and how the Coast Guard was carrying so much cocaine while leaping onto a submarine.

More about colon-as-attribution-signifier

As I’ve noted before (though possibly not here in Words & Stuff), I feel like the common practice of using a colon in a newspaper headline to indicate attribution can lead to amusing confusion. The latest example I’ve come across isn’t quite the same thing; instead of attribution per se, it’s using a colon to […]

Texas city

Eyebrow-raising headline: BP plans to sell Texas city, California plants I knew BP was powerful, but do they really own an entire city in Texas? The first line of the...


There's a stylistic convention in newspaper headlines that I never got the hang of: paraphrasing something someone said, then a colon, then an indication of whoever it was that said...