Trek house rules

For a long time, I’ve been intermittently collecting fortune-cookie fortunes that I find entertaining with phrases like in bed or between the sheets added.

The other day, Kam came up with a new-to-us variation: adding between the sheets after lines of dialogue in Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

I didn’t write down any examples at the time, but here are a couple of examples from s2e20, “The Emissary”:

  • The rendezvous will be a bit tricky, so it is imperative you reach the intercept point on schedule.
  • The envoy will fill you in.
  • Probe is coming up to starboard.
  • I’m concerned that you’re working yourself too hard.

The game kept us giggling through a couple of episodes.

(For more of my puerile-humor streak, see also Column iii, where I wrote about replacing words from Trek quotes with the word pants.)

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