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Mysterious Warbling

The TV show 1899 is one of those shows where everything is Mysterious. In particular, the music and sounds effects are very very Mysterious. Which of course means that the captions have to convey how Mysterious the sounds are. Fortunately, the captioners were up to the task. Below is a list of about thirty captions […]

Trek house rules

For a long time, I’ve been intermittently collecting fortune-cookie fortunes that I find entertaining with phrases like in bed or between the sheets added. The other day, Kam came up with a new-to-us variation: adding between the sheets after lines of dialogue in Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. I didn’t write down any examples […]

The Grammar of ’Splaining

On WHYY’s “Radio Times” this week, in discussing Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, host Marty Moss-Coane asked her guest, “So what kind of ’splainin to do does Mark Zuckerberg have?” I’m just charmed by the construction of her sentence.  It refers, of course, to one of the great Lines That […]

Music descriptions in TV captions

When I watch TV, I generally watch with captioning enabled. There’ve long been captions of various sorts to indicate when music is playing, but I feel like in the past couple of years, the captioners have started getting more creative in their descriptions of the music. For example, in the first three episodes of the […]