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Stay Home

Stay Home: Letters from Home is a nicely soothing 11-minute video showing eight different “Professionals who work with letters,” each creating a letter to form the phrase Stay home. Audio is Pachelbel’s Canon in D; no words. (In July, I noticed that the video that I had originally linked to had been taken down, so […]

Sign-language gloves don’t translate

Every time I see another article breathlessly announcing a new high-tech glove that will “translate” American Sign Language into English, I wonder what that really means, but I’ve neglected to follow up with research. A 2017 article from the Atlantic, “Why Sign-Language Gloves Don't Help Deaf People,” answers my questions; it turns out that all […]

Letter turns

I made a three-point turn to turn my car around last night, and Jim told me that he’s recently been hearing that kind of turn called a K-turn. I had never heard that term before. Wikipedia adds that it’s also known as a Y-turn, which I’ve also never heard before. And coincidentally, this morning I […]