I recently heard about Netflix’s fan event, known as Tudum. But I wasn’t sure how to pronounce that word, nor what it meant. Took me a while, but I eventually found out, from a 2021 article: Netflix subscribers know the "tudum" sound when they hear it, but maybe not how to spell it until now. […]

same shoe

Just saw someone on a BoardGameGeek forum use the phrase “I am in the same shoe with you,” which I don’t recall ever encountering before. I like it—it was immediately clear what it means—but now I’m curious about it. A Google search for [“same shoe with you”] shows only about 13,000 instances of that phrase […]

A girl named Jed

I’ve known maybe six or eight other people named Jed in my life, but all of them have been (as far as I know) male. Today I learned that Jed can also be a woman’s name. In 1993, a John le Carré novel called The Night Manager included a woman named Jed—a nickname for Jemima. […]

Mysterious Warbling

The TV show 1899 is one of those shows where everything is Mysterious. In particular, the music and sounds effects are very very Mysterious. Which of course means that the captions have to convey how Mysterious the sounds are. Fortunately, the captioners were up to the task. Below is a list of about thirty captions […]


I just read a quote from a book review that included the phrase “complex characters trying to make sense of their worlds, their pasts, and their dreams.” But I misread pasts as pasta. And for a moment there, it seemed perfectly reasonable to me that trying to make sense of their pasta might be something that […]

Amaranath sasesusos

Today I learned that people whose job was to align the type bars in typewriters (during manufacture) used this quasi-sentence to test the alignment: Amaranath sasesusos Oronoco initiation secedes Uruguay Philadelphia An explanation, from Darren Wershler-Henry’s 2005 book The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting: “Amaranath,” the misspelled name of an imaginary flower, checks […]

Garden path freeway crossing

Headline: Man who ran across Highway 85 to receive mental health resources, Mountain View police say The first two or three times I read that, I assumed there was a verb missing, and I wondered why someone would run across the freeway in order to get mental health services. Then I figured out what it […]

yan tan tethera

According to Wikipedia: Yan Tan Tethera […] is a sheep-counting system traditionally used by shepherds in Northern England and some other parts of Britain. The words are numbers taken from Brythonic Celtic languages such as Cumbric which had died out in most of Northern England by the sixth century, but they were commonly used for […]