Punny names revisited

Way back in column n, I linked to my uncle Dobe Doinat’s Punny Names archive. That particular page that I linked to is gone, but Dobe has more recently created the Punny Name Archive (NSFW), a wiki that currently lists about 200 names. If you like names like Alice Well, Justin Case, or Robin Banks, […]


According to Wikipedia: “Swarf [is a term for] pieces of metal, wood, or plastic that are the debris or waste resulting from machining, woodworking, or similar subtractive (material-removing) manufacturing processes.”

Words contained in other words

I’ve been hearing joke phrases like “We put the fun back in dysfunctional!” most of my life, but somehow I’ve apparently never written about them here, nor tried to put together a list of such phrases. Fortunately for me, Morgan Friedman has put together such a list, at their Words in Words page. (Interestingly, that […]

Swaziland renamed to Kingdom of eSwatini

According to the BBC: King Mswati III of Swaziland announced on Wednesday that he was renaming the country "the Kingdom of eSwatini". […] The new name, eSwatini, means "land of the Swazis". The change was unexpected, but King Mswati has been referring to Swaziland for years as eSwatini. I think there are all sorts of […]