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Contacting Mary Anne (updated)


Mary Anne's domain name is in the process of being renewed. In the mean time, mail to her will bounce, and you probably won't be able to reach her web page. Everything should be working again in a day or two at most.

You can send her mail at her alternate address, mamohanraj@yahoo.com. You can even read her journal if you cleverly use the alternate URL for it. But don't bookmark that; when things get back to normal, you should go back to using the mamohanraj.com email address and URLs.

You probably won't be able to reach her by phone today; she's on the road, and her cell phone currently lets other people hear her but doesn't let her hear other people.

Ain't technology wonderful?

(Hmm—perhaps the cell phone is attempting to demonstrate the SNAFU Principle by not allowing anyone to communicate with the King.)


Hasn't this happened before? Can y'all arrange it so it gets renewed before it dies next time? That seems like a stupid question, but you sounded sort of like "well, it's that time of year again", so I wasn't sure...

It is that time of year again (the time of year when I forget to renew). It's actually somewhat more complicated than that, involving renewal notices being sent to a spammed-out old account, the desire to switch from an expensive registry service which keeps me from renewing for many years at once, etc. and so on and far too tedious to go into. But I think it's all fixed now (in multiple ways, including now only costing me $8.88/year to register that account), and with any luck shouldn't happen again. Knock on wood. Fingers crossed. Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

For future reference, you may want to look at changing the "time to live" info on your DNS setting. This will let you make it so that changes to the records happen more quickly, preventing long outages (mostly).

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