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New blog about my father

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I've been thinking about doing this for at least a year now, but had some hesitations about it. I've finally talked with various other family members and have decided to go ahead with it: a blog about my father.

The idea is to post memories, anecdotes, jokes, observations, and such--anything that comes to mind about Peter and his life. It's meant to be open to any of Peter's family and friends to post to, but so far I'm the only one posting.

My plan is to keep the entries short, and to post roughly once a week or so; I have enough material so far to last at least a year at that rate. I've posted four such items so far, over the past month, plus the introductory entry.

I haven't ironed out all the details of customizations to the blog--I'm using a standard Movable Type template--so if you run into any rough edges, let me know.

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