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Unexpected street closure

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Last night, I biked home from work, only to find my whole block cordoned off by the police.

(This is my second attempt at writing this entry; I wrote several paragraphs an hour ago, and then my computer crashed. Sigh.)

There were three or four police cars visible, some with bright flashing lights. The end of the street was blocked by one of those police cars plus yellow police-line-do-not-cross tape. Beyond that, halfway down the block--just about in front of my driveway--there were a couple of bigger vehicles, also with bright flashing lights. I paused across the intersection from the police tape, at the place where I would normally turn left onto my street; while I was standing there, what looked like an unmarked news van pulled up--dish antenna on the back, but no news logo I could see (but I may've just missed it).

I crossed the intersection and asked an officer what was up. He told me that they were looking for someone, and that they'd evacuated the entire neighborhood and weren't letting anyone in or out, and that there was no estimate on how long it would be.

I called Twig, who'd been going to come over, and then I locked up my bike outside La Costeña. Twig came and picked me up, and we had a nice Japanese dinner at Yakko in downtown Mountain View. (I hadn't been there in years, but I'm not sure why; it was pretty good.)

Then we headed back to my place--but the block was still closed. This time the officer gave us slightly more info: he said they'd been there since 3 p.m., and that they had called in the SWAT team. But he still said there was no estimate on how long it would take.

Twig and I sat and talked for a while, then decided to go over to her friends D and J's place and see a movie. But over the course of the next couple hours, as we met up with D and J and figured out what movies to rent and went to Blockbuster and tried to find the movies (and mostly couldn't), I got more and more tense; also more and more tired. Too many changes of plan, and I've been kind of oversocialed lately already--didn't really want to spend the rest of the night hanging out with people I don't know very well. And was getting more distressed about not being able to go home, too.

As we left the Blockbuster, maybe around 11 p.m., I called the MV police, and they said my block was open again. So Twig took me home, and she headed back to D and J's to watch movies with them, and I did an email check and went to sleep.

But I still have no idea what was going on with the cops. This is not the first time that I've had a hard time getting timely local news. Google News didn't have anything; the Mercury News crime section has police-blotter listings, but they were last updated yesterday afternoon; Topix Mountain View news was also last updated yesterday; various local TV stations' websites don't have anything about it; I didn't think to watch the 11:00 news last night; the Mountain View Voice doesn't have anything; the Mountain View LJ community doesn't have anything.

I'm guessing that many of those sources will have info later today, or within the next couple days, but I'm nonetheless curious.

I suppose I could call the police and ask them, but the guy last night didn't seem to want to give out info. Though it's possible he just didn't know anything.

Anyway. I was surprised at how unsettling it was to not be able to go home, even knowing that it was a temporary and short-term thing and that my home and possessions were almost certainly fine. I was fine with it at first, saw it as a sort of mini-adventure, a limbo that allowed for a variety of possibilities, but as the evening wore on, I got unhappier about it.

So it was a big relief to get to go home.

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