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Google developer documentation style guide now available!

The long-planned official blog post about the editorial style guide that I own/maintain at work has finally gone live, as... (More...)

Editorial dreams

I don't think I've had a dream about editing before. Kind of funny that I should have one while I'm... (More...)

Too many places for notes

Sometime in the past year or two, I was thinking about anthologies I'd like to edit, and I came up... (More...)

Authorized charges

Just saw this in AT&T's Wireless Terms of Service for California customers: You are not liable for charges you did... (More...)

Why the typo thing is really more complicated than I make it sound

I just wrote the following to Project Gutenberg: I just encountered an interesting possible problem in your edition of Northanger... (More...)

More on female characters in fiction

A couple of weeks ago, I read a particularly long run of submissions with particularly unfortunate anti-woman aspects. All sorts... (More...)

Tales calculated to drive me frustrated

Lately, we've been receiving what seems like a lot of submissions from authors who aren't following our submission procedure, one... (More...)

Best Editor Hugo resource

For those who haven't heard, the Hugo award for Best Editor has undergone a change. For quite some time, the... (More...)

Weekend update

Some things I did this weekend, including several that I had not planned to do, in no particular order: Spent... (More...)

Father's Day plus assorted miscellany

Belated happy Father's Day to all y'all fathers! I hope you had a splendid day. My day was okay. Slow... (More...)

Assumptions and queries

Say you're a writer, and you want to submit to a magazine. Say you've actually read their submission guidelines, but there was something in them that you think the editors can't possibly have meant. (More...)

Strange Horizons fiction submission form

We've finally decided to take the RTF submission system out of beta, and to make it the official preferred submission... (More...)


Being an editor has its pleasures. One of the things that makes me happiest about editing is seeing authors expressing... (More...)

SH stats

Here are a whole bunch of statistics and thoughts regarding the magazine, probably a lot more than you want to... (More...)

Another quick magazine update

We've rejected 40 stories in the past couple days, so we're down to only 30 still under consideration. But we... (More...)

Fair use

If you want to quote someone else's work, make sure you understand the law. (More...)

Don't spam the editors

Here's another piece of advice for writers. (Or anyone else, but writers are who I see doing this.) When you're... (More...)

Another disappearing weekend

Been a while since I've posted anything personal, hasn't it? Some assorted updates: First, I apologize for all those items... (More...)

Missing words

Here's something I've been seeing a lot in submissions lately: sentences in which words or phrases or sometimes entire clauses... (More...)

The story of my weekend (III)

Sunday night I had dinner with K at a little place called Cafe Bar. It was noisy and filled with... (More...)