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On Shane, toxic masculinity, violence, and vicious cycles

I think it’s fascinating to observe toxic masculinity in action in Westerns. (Some quasi-spoilers here for Shane (1953).) In this... (More...)

Underground's metadiscussion of slavery narratives

I'm watching Underground season 2, episode 1, “Contraband,” and I just got to a scene in which one of the... (More...)

On the difficulty of recognizing one's own biases

Another lesson for me on the difficulty of seeing outside your own cultural context: In Delany's City of a Thousand... (More...)

In defense of Marvel and diversity

This is a long impassioned post in which I try to come to the defense of Marvel comics. The TL;DR... (More...)

Gender balance in some old anthologies

Interim report on my father's sf anthologies: 25 sf anthologies recorded in my spreadsheet so far, published from 1953 through... (More...)

Trope: The Singular Woman

I seem to be focused on tropes today. I just read a 1972 science fiction story, by a male author,... (More...)

Moderators: Don't try to guess audience members' genders

A note to convention panel moderators: when you're calling on audience members, please don't attempt to identify them by gender.... (More...)

Hugo-nominee gender update

I just followed a link to Kalimac's 2015 LiveJournal post showing author gender for Hugo-nominated fiction. I compared it with... (More...)

Gender stats: my father's anthologies

So far, I've read or skimmed or at least glanced at 16 of the anthologies that my father owned. Here... (More...)

Baen and Stirling on women in combat

In 1988, S. M. Stirling sold a novel to Baen Books that was set in an alternate history in which... (More...)

Awesome new forthcoming Ultimates series

I'm really looking forward to the new Ultimates comic book series. The team will consist of Ms. America, Black Panther,... (More...)

Marvel's upcoming diverse comics

Spent way too much time reading comics over the past couple days when I should've been doing other stuff. But... (More...)

Peeve: How young is a "young girl"?

I keep seeing the phrase “young girl” used in all sorts of contexts. It almost always bugs me, because it... (More...)

Thor writer on the new female Thor

I just realized that the first issue of the new Thor comic-book series is out, the one that, as announced... (More...)

Excellent feminist movie: Made in Dagenham

I just rewatched the 2010 movie Made in Dagenham. It's even better than I remembered it: feminist, laugh-out-loud funny, occasionally... (More...)

My WorldCon schedule

I'll be arriving in London on Wednesday morning; Mary Anne and I will spend the day hanging out and battling... (More...)

Lucy and the Guardians at the box office

When I saw the trailer for Lucy a few months back, the movie looked pretty bad to me, but I... (More...)

Hugo rec: Ancillary Justice

As I've noted before, I rarely read novels in time to nominate them for the Hugo or Nebula awards. But... (More...)

WisCon: gender stuff

I was on three gender panels at WisCon this year. I learned several things from them (and from other WisCon... (More...)

Hugo nominees 2014: Gender notes

I want to spend the next couple of days writing and reading nonstop about the 2014 Hugo Award nominees, but... (More...)

My WisCon panels

Looks like I'll be on two panels at WisCon this year. Both of them are about aspects of gender that... (More...)

Sturgeon's "Granny Won't Knit"

In my Complete Sturgeon reading, I just read his 1954 story “Granny Won't Knit.” Spoilers and an entertaining anecdote follow.... (More...)

Overheard in First Class

On Wednesday, as I was walking to my seat on the airplane, I passed through the first class section (as... (More...)

"What a Good Boy" and gender expectations

I've had several interesting conversations about gender roles in the past few days. Not gonna write a real entry about... (More...)

Theatre women: Female characters in Streatfeild's _Ballet Shoes_

As noted in my previous entry, I was cutting the Moomin books some slack on the gender-roles front because they... (More...)

Moominwomen: Female characters in Jansson's first two Moomintroll books

Several of my friends grew up reading the Moomintroll books, so I've been hearing the books recommended for a long... (More...)

"You don't owe prettiness to anyone"

I think I linked to Erin McKean's excellent 2006 post “You Don't Have to Be Pretty” at some point, but... (More...)

The historical accuracy defense

Fairly often in discussions of sf, especially in discussions of epic fantasy, fans use the idea of historical accuracy to... (More...)

Some notes on harassment

I just happened across a 2012 chat among female Rookie magazine staffers, discussing and listing a few dozen instances of... (More...)

How to help fix the "American novelists" problem on Wikipedia

The “American novelists” category on Wikipedia is apparently theoretically supposed to be just a list of subcategories, but it currently... (More...)

Hugos 2013: Fiction-author gender

I've updated my Hugo fiction-author gender page with the new nominees. I'm surprised and pleased to see that, for the... (More...)

Some harassment and rape links

I've been meaning for a long time to write something coherent about some of the stuff I've been reading about... (More...)

Three female superheroes

I've encountered three new and interesting superhero comics featuring female protagonists in the past two months. I hope to post... (More...)

Manliness satisfies? (NSFW)

I think it's interesting that so much spam is phrased in terms of heterosexual men making themselves better lovers. A... (More...)

Half-amusing juxtaposition

I get spam now and then from the IGN Games website. I think I tried to unsubscribe at some point... (More...)

Items: Women, tech, and tech companies

New Yorker article: “A Woman’s Place: Can Sheryl Sandberg upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture?” Video-game event bans women under... (More...)

SH 2010 notes: violent female protagonists

While we were buying stories to be published in 2010, I noticed an interesting small trend: several stories featuring female... (More...)

Gender options for video game protagonist

First, a bit of background for those who don't know it: There's a popular series of science fiction video games... (More...)

Hugo ballot, plus more on Hugo-nominated fiction by women

This year's list of Hugo nominees was released in April (congratulations to all nominees!), but I didn't look at it... (More...)

Good old Kamala

I've seen a surprising number of opinion pieces and quotes in the past few weeks* that refer to California's new... (More...)

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today was the twelfth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance in hundreds of cities all over the world. A couple dozen... (More...)

T-shirt idea

Sometime in the past couple weeks, Kam was moving some boxes around. She looked at the dolly that she was... (More...)

Links: political

Some political and quasi-political items: Interesting discussion of tensions within the Tea Party as they settle in to become part... (More...)

More Hugo gender stats

I really wasn't paying attention this year when the Hugo nominees were announced, and so I was completely oblivious to... (More...)

Cute NCIS exchange

I'd been told that NCIS was mildly entertaining, and every so often I figure I ought to take a look... (More...)

High Noon

Every so often I get it into my head to watch some of the classic Westerns that I've never seen,... (More...)

Privilege and allies

I've been thinking for a long time about some stuff I want to write about trying to be a good... (More...)

More about awesome women

I read through all of the awesome women proclaiming their awesomeness thread yesterday (having previously only looked at a couple... (More...)

Awesome women

Karen H posted a great entry recently in which she invited women to post about their awesomeness. She writes: Too... (More...)

Cheryl on gender

A week ago in her blog, Cheryl posted an excellent brief Gender 101 entry, covering a variety of topics: biological... (More...)

Geek feminism blog and wiki

Cool new group blog: the Geek Feminism Blog, featuring Liz H, Sumana H, and a bunch of other interesting writers.... (More...)

Tempest and Ellison

(This is another one of those entries that will probably make no sense to people not involved in the speculative-fiction... (More...)

Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash

I wasn't going to post any more tonight, but this is way too good not to share: The idea of... (More...)

Pixar, girls, and awesome girl-movie titles

Excellent open letter to Pixar from Linda Holmes, asking for a movie featuring a girl who is not a princess.... (More...)

Computer-player gender?

When you're playing an abstract computer game against one or more computerized opponents (chess, say, or checkers, or Dicewar--any game... (More...)

Dollhouse (spoilers for episodes 1 and 2)

Back in February, Kam and I watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse. I wrote up my thoughts about them,... (More...)

Ada Lovelace Day

Just saw that today is Ada Lovelace Day, "an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in... (More...)

In praise of anonymity

A long discussion of anonymity and pseudonymity. (More...)


Finally got around to watching Transamerica, which I've had out from Netflix for months. I kept thinking I might see... (More...)

Transgender veteran wins sex discrimination lawsuit

Excellent news from last week: Today a federal judge ruled that the Library of Congress illegally discriminated against a Special... (More...)

Femme2008 queer Femme conference this weekend in Chicago

Mary Anne is attending an interesting-sounding conference this weekend: Femme2008, a queer Femme conference run by the Femme Collective. It... (More...)

Author gender among Hugo nominees and winners

I'm still planning a post about author gender issues in general, but for now I just want to mention one... (More...)

More on female characters in fiction

A couple of weeks ago, I read a particularly long run of submissions with particularly unfortunate anti-woman aspects. All sorts... (More...)

What would your name have been?

Naomi just asked what my name would've been if I'd been born a girl. Not only did I know the... (More...)

A few notes on women in fiction

tacityhydra just mentioned the Mo Movie Measure in passing; I was going to post this comment in response to that... (More...)


Not gonna write up Saturday or Sunday tonight; suffice it to say that I've mostly had a good time this... (More...)

How do you know your gender?

I was thinking about various issues around transsexuality a few months back, and a question occurred to me. This is... (More...)

Women on the Hugo ballot

As has been widely noted, on this year's Hugo ballot there's only one work by a woman among the twenty... (More...)

Author gender and Asimov's

One of the high points of WorldCon for me was getting to chat more than I usually do with Sheila... (More...)

Still more on gender bias in sf

We at Strange Horizons have just about filled up our publishing schedule for 2006, and have started on 2007. Interestingly, even though still only about 33% to 40% of our submissions are by women, in 2006 two-thirds of the stories we're publishing are by women. (More...)

Video roundup, part 1

It's been a while since I've posted a collection of videos, and the links keep rolling in. So here's a... (More...)

Women in Judaism

Overheard while standing in line for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, a bit of dialogue between a young... (More...)

"Pushing the Envelope" resource list

At WisCon, as I mentioned a few days ago, I was on a panel titled "Pushing the Envelope," about how... (More...)

Pushing the envelope

I'm on a panel tomorrow early afternoon called "Pushing the Envelope," about how to get more cutting-edge/groundbreaking stuff about sexuality,... (More...)

Reviewed without venom

For over three months now, I've been meaning to post a note about Liz Henry's excellent SH review of Touched... (More...)

Call for subs: Men Speak Out

Shira Tarrant is editing an anthology of essays titled Men Speak Out: ProFeminist Views on Gender, Sex and Power; below... (More...)

Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly

Back around the end of March, I bought Willie Nelson's recording of the catchy gay cowboy song "Cowboys Are Frequently... (More...)

On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers

A couple of weeks ago, there was a totally fabulous talk at Google: Dr. Cornelia Brunner of the Center for... (More...)

Author gender algorithm

I've developed what I think is a fairly accurate (but entirely useless to most of the world) algorithm for a computer to automatically guess the gender of an author who submits to SH... (More...)

Lockpick Pornography: The Novel

I've posted a couple of times in the past year about Joey Comeau's short novel Lockpick Pornography--first when I first... (More...)

Girls on teh intarweb?????

The other day, I finally got around to reading Cory Doctorow's story "Anda's Game," published in Salon about a year... (More...)

Call for subs: She's Such a Geek

Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders are editing an anthology of essays titled She's Such a Geek; below is a copy... (More...)

Items: Sex, sexuality, gender

Much of the following is not worksafe. In some cases, not even my description of it is worksafe. Interesting entry... (More...)

Items: Browser window closeout

These items have no theme (well, okay, maybe "gender and genre"?); just wanting to close some browser windows. I think... (More...)

Another gender guesser

Geoff's Gender Guesser attempts to determine whether a given name is more likely a male name or a female name,... (More...)

Short hair belongs to men

I was having dinner with a group of friends a couple months ago when I realized that, in a reversal... (More...)

Thoreau on journaling

A conversation with Karen M. the other night somehow came 'round to the Transcendentalists, which reminded me of one of... (More...)

Gendered language

Jean pointed to The Gender Genie, where you enter some text and it applies the Koppel-Argamon algorithm (or perhaps that... (More...)

Computer can determine author sex?

Interesting item in Nature: "Computer program detects author gender." Claim is that "[the] simple scan of key words and syntax... (More...)

Third sex

Thanks to eBear () (that's an LJ-specific link in those parens; I'm not sure how best to integrate those into... (More...)