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Why I dislike Markdown

For those unfamiliar with it: Markdown is “a text-to-HTML conversion tool”—or, to put it another way, a simplified way to... (More...)

See cats instead of ads, and support sites you like

Google Contributor is an experimental system that allows you to directly financially support websites you visit. If you sign up... (More...)

Excellent Easter egg in Vogue and GQ websites

This was probably my favorite thing that I saw online yesterday. Requires a computer keyboard. Go to the Vogue UK... (More...)

How to help fix the "American novelists" problem on Wikipedia

The “American novelists” category on Wikipedia is apparently theoretically supposed to be just a list of subcategories, but it currently... (More...)

Lewis Thomas on computers

In 1974 or so, Lewis Thomas wrote an interesting essay titled “Computers,” which he reprinted in his book The Lives... (More...)

Kith is back online

My domain was offline for somewhere around seven to twelve hours last night. I have no idea what happened. I... (More...)

Request to editors of online magazines

I've been doing some research on online magazines, and I've found two things particularly frustrating: First, a great many web... (More...)

Historical list of online prozines

Today, instead of doing anything on my to-do list, I spent about five hours drafting an article covering the whole... (More...)

Want to read the fifth Marla Mason book?

T.A. Pratt's Marla Mason series of urban fantasy novels was cancelled last year after four books. Not long ago, the... (More...)

Woofer, Twitter, Squeaker

Courtesy of links from a discussion thread on Otavia's recent Facebook post: Woofer: Just like Twitter, except that any given... (More...)

What site am I on?

I often find myself reading a web page with no conscious idea of what site it's on or who the... (More...)

WTF, Best Western + Facebook?

I was going to post saying that I'm really liking Best Western these days. But then yesterday morning, my wired... (More...)

Facebook and the case of the missing quiz info

Most of my Facebook reading is on my iPhone, using the Facebook app, in spare moments now and then. There... (More...)

Amazon: Possibly not evil?

The Internets have been full of panic and outrage today over Amazon allegedly instituting a new policy that any book... (More...)

This week in technology just keeps getting worse

Tonight, had a nice dinner with Bruce C, who I've known since 7th grade but haven't seen much lately. (But... (More...)

Why you should test your pages in more than one browser

I've always been an advocate of testing web pages in multiple browsers to make sure everything works. Now there's new... (More...)

Newspapers online in 1981

"Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee, [and] turning on your home computer to read the day's... (More...)

Antisocial networking sites

Naomi mentioned in passing this evening that she had used the phrase "the antisocial web," and I thought it was... (More...)

Things you can't do in Denver on the web

Side note: I signed in to the Denver airport's free wifi (which I'm delighted is free); tried Googling to find... (More...)

Farewell to Classmates

I finally cancelled my account this morning, approximately eight and a half years after I first signed up for... (More...)

Facebook, friends, and social networking sites

I think I joined the original Six Degrees site, way back when it first launched, just 'cause I was curious... (More...)

Spammy marriage proposal

Someone I don't know posted a comment here the other day that I thought was kinda interesting, but a little... (More...)

Top results

Way back in 2001, I posted a little joke entry titled IBM finds prime factors of 15. It's been getting... (More...)

Startling new discovery

At great personal risk, I have ventured forth and discovered a new and startling fact, which I'm sure will come... (More...)

Temporary mail outage

My mail system has thrown away most of the mail that it received in the past four to eight hours.... (More...)

Data channel for conversations

Every so often, my friend Rob S calls, and we have a long conversation that touches on half a dozen... (More...)

Wikipedia and sf

Kathryn Cramer just posted a proposal that SF author bios should be posted to the ISFDB wiki instead of to... (More...)

Items: Technology and society

These and the Bussard stuff in the previous entry seem to sort of fit into a general theme, something to... (More...)

Old web page contact etiquette

Occasionally, total strangers send me legitimate (non-spam) email out of the blue. This is not surprising, actually. If you've ever... (More...)

Tastemakers and reputable influencers

(I wrote most of this a week ago, but forgot to post it.) A while back, I was pleased and... (More...)

Saving the future

Imagine you're an 18-year-old computer gamer in Chicago, and you're sitting around at home one evening when someone you don't... (More...)

Girls on teh intarweb?????

The other day, I finally got around to reading Cory Doctorow's story "Anda's Game," published in Salon about a year... (More...)


Mary Anne mentioned that yesterday was her and Kevin's thirteenth anniversary (happy anniversary!) (see also her note from last year... (More...)