Day Two, sorta

I got a little carried away in my first entry, which was early this morning; it got really long. So I changed the date on it by hand, to be one day earlier than it really was. I hate to start off with something that's not true, but I had a lot I wanted to add today and I figured the total of today's entries would be too much.

That's the problem with this day-oriented model I've adopted. I considered this morning switching to an entry-oriented model, showing one entry per page even if there are multiple entries per day, but I think most of the time I'll have a series of shortish entries each day rather than long ones. I think.

Another issue is that the timestamp on these entries is East Coast (US) time—I'm actually three hours earlier, but the server's in Pittsburgh and I didn't want to bother figuring out how to make it use my time zone.

More to come later.

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