Just got pointed to Chimerical Comics, a little-known comics publishing company. The site contains interviews with the creators, little teaser paragraphs for upcoming issues, "story so far" summaries for the various comics they publish, and so on. The one thing it doesn't have is samples of the art, and it turns out there's a reason for that:

There is no art for these comics.

In fact, the "creators" don't exist, nor does the company.

It's all another one of them there whatchacall "hyperfiction" things, or to look at it another way, it's a real site for an imaginary company. Yeah, there's plenty of those on the Web, but they're more often silly parodies or one-shot catalogs of nonexistent products; this site is a relatively serious regularly updated ongoing informational site for readers of a line of comics that don't exist.

By "serious," I don't mean it's without humor, though. My favorite line from the parts I looked at: "The long awaited first American golf comic ever debuts... WOOD & IRON!"

Alas, there is no information about whether Chimerical will be doing a Suicide Squid crossover. (In my search for the Suicide Squid archives, I was saddened to see that the more complete version of the archives, including my note regarding the arch-villain Man ta Ray, seems to have vanished from the Net. Sic transit gloria squiddy.)

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