Just read another great Ian R. MacLeod story, while waiting for my computer to reboot several times. This one's in the July issue of Interzone; it's called "Isabel of the Fall," and it's a lovely far-future science fiction story with a mythological feel. I'm thinking this one's an award candidate; it's certainly among the best I've read this year. I think this is the fourth story of his I've read (others being "The Summer Isles," "The Chop Girl," and "Chitty Bang-Bang"); they've all been quite good. Great characters, great relationships between characters, great sense-of-place. The interview with him in this issue of Interzone notes that he's got a short-story collection and a novel out; I'll have to look for those. It also notes that he's got some stories and an autobiographical essay posted at Infinity Plus, the great sf reprint site; there are links from the bottom of the autobio to his stories there, to a review of his collection, and to his home page.

Now if I can just stop confusing him with the other Ians and the other Mcs and Macs who are writing sf these days. . .

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