You know how in movies, someone absent-mindedly puts down the Important Whatsit in some out-of-the-way place where they'll never find it again, and a minute later they walk out the door without it, and the camera lingers on the Whatsit as the music swells ominously, and you just know they're gonna regret having forgotten/lost it?

Sometimes when I can't find something, I get a flash of what the movie of my life must be like. There are a lot of those moments, when I put something down somewhere without thinking about it, and the camera lingers for a moment as the audience collectively groans and thinks, "He's doing it again, he'll never find it there."

Alas, I can't hear the audience at the time, and by the time I realize what happened, it's too late, and the item's nowhere to be found.

Which is particularly unfortunate when the item is an overdue library book. Sigh.

On the plus side, while looking for it (taking a break from what's otherwise turning into a reasonably productive day), I found the tape recorder that's been missing for weeks.

Okay, Jed, back to work.

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