In an entry last night, I neglected to mention that even though I figured out what DVD BY O meant, I never did figure out why the license plate said that.

I woke up very groggy this morning, and lay there half-awake for quite some time. What finally woke me fully was an aha! moment, when I figured out the make of car that that license plate must have been attached to:


The Committee is amused.

(And the Committee is reminded of the story that was circulating a couple years back about a car in the Bay Area that had the license plate IML8. The question was, given the license plate, what was the color and model of the car? The answer: a white VW Rabbit. I'm told this is actually true, but then that's what people always say about urban legends, so who knows? I can't remember whether I actually saw the car in question.)

I doubt I'll get a chance to post another entry today, so I'll leave you with pointers to my column on license plate slogans and my column on rebuses and vanity plates. Be sure to read the reader-comments page on the former.

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