1. Pay rent and Visa bill.
  2. Reserve a car at LAX.
  3. Go to work. Shock co-workers by arriving much earlier than usual, though still not remotely early in any absolute sense.
  4. Try to meet 2 p.m. deadline.
  5. Leave early to rush home.
  6. Do laundry.
  7. Get haircut.
  8. Pack.
  9. Find out whether there's some way to dial up with my current computer setup. (If not, I'll be offline 'til Sunday night.)
  10. Leave for airport.
  11. Twiddle my thumbs for a couple hours at airport. (Um, I mean, catch up on magazine stuff on my PowerBook in the waiting area.)
  12. Get on a plane for the first time in almost exactly six months. (Since WorldCon at the beginning of September, more specifically.)
  13. Take my brother and sister-in-law to birthday dinner.
  14. Stay at their place.

Unfortunately, the parts most likely to get squeezed out by lack of time are those middle bits—laundry, haircut, dialup. Packing kinda has to get done in some way.

Tomorrow, see old friends, then go to wedding. Sunday, more old friends, then fly home. Sunday night, either collapse with exhaustion or watch premiere of JMS's new series, Jeremiah. (It's about The Mighty Tot, all grown up after all the adults in the world have died of a plague.) (Um, okay, so that's only half-true. So sue me. Which is better, Absolute Truth or a good joke? (Is there a difference?))

Okay, if I wanna shock my co-workers I better get moving.

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