Adding to the surrealism

It's been a long day. I'm as done with tonight's work as I'm gonna get, just finishing up a couple of important work-related emails so co-workers can get stuff done early in the morning before I show up. And iTunes starts playing a song I don't recognize. Not so surprising; there are several songs here that I'm only vaguely familiar with. But then it abruptly stops and switches to another song. I look at the iTunes panel, and discover that it's a 16-second-long sound clip, performed by someone I've never heard of. How did it get onto my computer? I have no idea.

In other news, I had rather a panic this morning. I called the helpdesk at work to tell them about this Microsoft/virus thing (which turned out to be Gibe); the guy I talked with hadn't heard of it, so I told him I would email it to him. And I did. And then ten minutes later I found out that it's one of those viruses that executes itself on arrival in Outlook, without needing to be launched by the recipient.

I spent half an hour having panicky thoughts about having unleashed a virus on the company's internal network, while trying to help. Couldn't get through to the IT guy to tell him not to open his mail.

Finally talked to another IT guy, who was very helpful and friendly and explained that (a) they've updated to the latest antivirus software, which protects against Gibe; and (b) Gibe is a slow-propagating and buggy piece of software, and often just fails to spread.

Thank goodness for lack of QA on malevolent software.

Me for bed. Assuming I survive the drive home.

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