Condensed week

I think I put in between 30 and 40 hour of work during Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. And I'm not even gonna talk about how far behind I am on magazine stuff.

On the one hand, this is mere whining. If I'd gotten more done when it was supposed to be done, I wouldn't be in this position. On the other hand, I can't help pouting about it a little. But I suppose as misery-poker hands go, this one leaves something to be desired; at least I'm not working 80-hour-weeks year-'round at a startup. I think I would collapse from sheer exhaustion around week six of that kind of schedule; I can't imagine how people can keep doing that for years. (I think I did three or four consecutive 70-hour weeks at SGI once; it was nice to know I could do it, and even stay reasonably sane, but I'd hate to have to live that way longer-term. And it's not just computer people who do that, of course; everyone in the medical and legal professions seems to work insanely long hours all the time.)

Does anyone else, besides Swarthmore people, call it misery poker? I don't even remember playing it as such when I was a student; I would occasionally complain about overdue papers and such, but compared to a lot of people, I had a pretty tolerable workload. Even while attempting to, essentially, triple-major, I was pretty much a slacker.

And clearly I still am. Miles to go before I sleep. Crack that whip, tote that bale.

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