Good news/bad news

Good news: got seven hours' sleep again last night.

Bad news: have to work today. And tomorrow.

Good news: productive morning and early afternoon working on magazine stuff.

Bad news: still plenty to do, and didn't actually get moving (enough to leave the apartment) 'til about 3 p.m.

Good news: warm sunshine outside this afternoon. Mmm.

Bad news: had to go inside and work.

Good news: have music on computer to listen to.

Bad news: my nice big studio-style headphones broke! One earpiece snapped completely off the over-the-head part.

Good news: had my earbuds with me.

Bad news: co-worker, moving to another continent tomorrow, spent afternoon in nearby cube, making lots of distracting packing and moving noises.

Good news: easy to turn up volume on music.

Bad news: plenty more work to do; not sure I'll make it to workshop tomorrow, or get a chance to see Kam, or go to TV-watching evening where 2nd episode of Jeremiah will be showing.

Good news: work going reasonably well; plenty to do, but not so hard or unpleasant, and perhaps a manageable amount to get done by Monday morning without staying up too late.

And one other bit of good news: lunch was brought in today, and it included fruit and melted chocolate to dip it in. Yum. If you've got chocolate fondue, I'm not sure you're allowed to complain about anything.

Heh. Just as I finished typing that, "Keep on the Sunny Side" (from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack) came on.

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