Which “Other City” Should You Live In?

In case you don't have a copy of The Book of All Cities, there's now a quiz that allows you to determine which of Ben Rosenbaum's "Other Cities" you're best suited for.

It appears that I ought to consider moving to Ylla's Choice, though after I changed a few of my answers I was told to live in Ponge. Which figures; as they say in Ponge, "What did you expect?"

9 Responses to “Which “Other City” Should You Live In?”

  1. David Moles

    Someone less lazy than I am should do one for Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

  2. David Moles

    Bellur. (I note that my choice of occupations appears sufficient to make the determination.)

    Just filling out the survey makes for some interesting character concepts. I feel a sudden need to write a story about a censor who spends his leisure time duelling and gambling, subsists on scones and biscotti, has a pet parrot, would enjoy living in a bourgeois erotopia (but believes that high expectations are the root of all suffering), and has a romantic attachment to natural disasters.

  3. Jed

    I too chose an occupation appropriate to Bellur (because, after all, is not editing much like what a Bellurian censor does?), but sadly, didn’t find myself living there.

  4. Heather Shaw

    Heh. I’m to live in Jouiselle-aux-Chantes. Aw right!

  5. Celia

    I think I want to live in Penelar of the Reefs, or rather *near* Penelar. And it only took me three tries to get the quiz to agree with me. 😉

  6. Mary Anne

    Myrkhyr for me, and while it isn’t necessarily the one I would have picked — it actually sounds rather good when I stop and think about it.

  7. Nick Mamatas

    Ahavah, a result which should surprise nobody.

  8. Leah Bobet

    I got Penelar of the Reefs as well. And on the first try. 😉


  9. Dan Percival

    I seem to hover on a cusp between The Cities of Myrkhyr, Penelar of the Reefs, and Jouiselle-aux-Chantes. Maybe I should just move to Stin.

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